Medieval Saddles

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This is one of our latest projects - A range of medieval and fantasy style saddles

This saddle has been designed and built around a modified modern western saddle tree. The main structure of the saddle is very similar to a western saddle, the main difference being the very upright and flat cantle and front (fork).

It also has English style stirrup bars fitted, rather than the usual slot for western style stirrups. We have a range of different stirrups available, varying in price from £40 to £75 a pair

The price of this style of saddle is £800+ - depending on any extra decoration

This second style of saddle is actually a cover designed to fit over a normal English style saddle, eliminating the need for fitting, as the cover is made to fit your existing saddle.
It is secured by straps running under the flaps of the saddle, plus attachments to dees on the saddle.

The example shown here is based on the saddle on the statue of St George at Prague Castle (circa 1365). We can make the covers to convert a saddle to suit several periods - Medieval, Civil War etc. I’ve even been asked to look at making one as a Roman cavalry saddle

The price of the St George saddle cover is £500, but other, simpler styles will start from around £250


Leather armour for the horses head, with straps to attach to bridle


Decorative body harness to complement the medieval saddles

Breastplate (front) and breeching (back)
From £250 for plain leather, or
barding can be supplied decorated, with a wide range of brass or nickel finish trim

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