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Welcome to the Hightower Dragon Sanctuary and Captive Breeding Centre.

We have various dragons available for adoption as Pets, companions or familiars

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This species is smooth skinned, and a very

affectionate companion

(puppet sculpted in foam and latex - individually made)



Similar in temperament to the Dragonet, this breed is much more scaly and spiky.

(puppet moulded in latex, with expanding foam filling)



Slimmer than the other two, the ideal companion if you want both hands free (fixed onto a leather gorget collar, which can be made to match your

costume - £200

Both the Dragonet and the Firedrake are hand puppets, which can be supplied on their own, or fitted to a Dragon Handler’s Glove (which is basically a fake arm, as shown above) for an extra £75

The Fire Lizard is a static figure, which drapes around your shoulders.

For those of you with an interest in Draco-paleontology, with have an exclusive range of reproduction fossils. Cast from the original pieces held in the Museum of Anomalous

Antiquities in Oxbridge, they come to you packed in a wooden crate along with a newsletter from the Museum, a newspaper cutting describing how the original fossils were unearthed, and their own museum index card, with registration number.

DF001 - Draco-Inviolatus

33 cm x 23 cm


DF002 - Draco-Aureus

19 cm x 30 cm


DF003 - Draco-Nocturnus

16 cm x 13 cm


DF004 - Draco-Furax

18 cm x 13 cm


DF005 - Draco-Periculosus

27 cm x 16 cm


DF006 - Draco-Diabolus

27 cm x 16 cm


DF007 - Draco-Noxius

14 cm x 18 cm


DF008 - Draco-Atrox

17 cm x 13 cm


DF009 - Draco-Ignius

29 cm x 42 cm


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