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Ear Tips

Latex ear tips, supplied with liquid latex

Elf ears - All £5 a pair,
except for ďJĒ

A - Vulcan
B - Half-Elf*
C - High Elf
D - Sea Elf
E - Elfquest*
F - Elder Elf *
G - Wild Elf
H - Pony/Unicorn

J - Extra-long
Manga Elf - £7.50

Styles marked with * are available in two sizes.
(Basically, male and female)






To answer a question that I get asked at least 3 times a week, yes, we do ship elf ears to the US. (in fact, we can ship to most places - I havenít tried Antarctica yet, but Iím sure itís only a matter of time :-)
The price in dollars is approximately $9.25, though this will vary according to the exchange rate at the time of ordering, and the carriage cost for one or two pairs is only a couple of dollars. We usually have plenty in stock, and should be able to get them to you within a couple of weeks. If you are only ordering a few pairs from outside the UK, please do not send payment by cheque or money order - My bank charges around £10 to cash these, making it impractical for small orders. Credit or debit card payment is much easier.

Elf Ear Tip - Fitting Instructions

It is possible with practice to fit the ears yourself, with the help of a mirror, but it is much easier if you can persuade someone to apply them for you

1 - Slip ear-tip over the top of your ear,
trimming to fit if necessary

2 - Using a small paintbrush, or the tip of your finger,
apply liquid latex to the inside edge of the ear-tip,
and the surface of the ear, where the piece will fit.
Let latex dry completely before gently pressing into place

3 - Apply more latex over the join to blend in the edges
- you will need 2 or 3 layers, drying the latex between
layers (a hairdryer is handy here) If you can get a good
finish the first time you apply the ears, they can be
refitted with a lot less work.

4 - Blend in the ear-tip with rest of you ear with make-up - a standard foundation make-up should work fine. You will
need a base colour to match you own skin colour, and a
slightly darker colour to brush into the folds of the ear to
accentuate them. If you want to complete the look with
slanting eyebrows, smooth down the outer end of the
eyebrow with damp soap, make-up over, and draw in
the new shape with an eyebrow pencil.

To remove ear-tips, lift from the edge behind your ear and carefully peel off. Dust the inside with talcum powder to stop the
latex from sticking to itself. If you take care of them, they should last for quite a few applications

Liquid latex can occasionally irritate the skin - Test a little on the skin before use - If necessary use spirit gum instead.

While the "Elfquest" ears are inspired by the characters in the books and comics, they are not a licensed product nor are they meant to be taken as such.


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